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Triloga is a strikingly architectural urban area lighting luminaire from AEC

It is available in 2 sizes making it suitable for a range of applications from parks and pedestrian areas to carparks and retail centres.

The luminaire consists of a pyramid shaped body in section aluminium. Upper canopy in moulded aluminium. Lower closure in flat tempered glass with serigraphy around the perimeter.

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Available options include
Triloga is equipped with two different kinds of optics:
S - Symmetrical Optics for urban lighting;
ST - Asymmetrical Optics for street lighting;

Available wattages:

Triloga 1:
- from 70W to 150W SHP;
- from 70W to 150W MHL;
- from 80W to 125W MBF.

Triloga 2:
- from 70W to 250W SHP;
- from 70W to 250W MHL;
- from 80W to 250W MBF.

Joint in die-cast aluminium for posts with square cross-section:
100x100mm (TRILOGA 1)
140x140mm (TRILOGA 2)

Joint for cylindrical post availanle on request:
60/102mm diameter (TRILOGA 1)
133mm diameter (TRILOGA 2)